Let’s begin

by david on March 28, 2010

“If You Could Have You Would Have”

Who in the hell is going to stick such a label as loser on themselves you ask? You’d be surprised. There are the obvious, the alcoholics; the assorted categories of addicts; the poor; criminals; abusers etc. Then there are the not so obvious, those who self harbor their inferiority, their hidden loser image. Maybe they flunked out of school or perhaps their marriage fell apart. They may have been fired or can’t find anything but menial labor for work. Maybe they just feel they are not fulfilling the potential that everyone tells them they have. For some it’s just the day to day drudgery as they struggle along without ambition to become or be anything particular in anticipation of a future without hope.

This will be a place where all us losers can meet and examine the oppressive illusions that keep us mired in our misery. It matters little if the shameful badge of loser has been pinned on our chests by others or we have awarded ourselves such a degrading label, the result is the same. We end up believing the most idiotic idea I have ever heard, people who could chose to have a wonderful life decide to live miserable lives for no other reason than they are losers.

It’s time! After 3,000 years of groveling before the serenely smug, holier than thou, lucky ass winners, it’s time for us so called losers to stand proud and bow our heads no more. You bet we’ve lost out, big-time! That’s not the same as being a loser. We’ve lost out and they have won out for no other reason than shit luck; theirs good, ours bad.

There are only two ways to become the person you are. Either you were born the way you are, which you had nothing to say about or you were taught to be the way you are, which you also had no say over. Ah but, you argue, I could have taken control over the way I was raised. Oh really? How would you have done that unless you were born with the innate ability to know what alternate life choices to make?

Winners, according to themselves, have buckets of motivation flowing through their veins. They are by nature endowed with massive amounts of will power and superior intellect. They make good decisions simply because that’s what winners do. They exercise with great pride, eat well because they know the value of good health. They work hard, I mean really, really hard; not like the trivial amounts of work us losers do.

They are wonderful parents. They even have the photos on their desks to prove it. And marriage partners? None better. Just ask them, but you should probably ask them separately. They don’t smoke because only idiots do that. They don’t abuse alcohol at least not by their definition. They certainly don’t do drugs as long as you don’t count the ones that come in prescription form. Let’s face it, they are so damn good it’s a wonder they even speak to us on occasion.

With all those extraordinary qualities, none of which, they had any say in acquiring, how could anyone be anything but a winner. It’s like wondering how a lion born with all its lion characteristics could end up being anything but a lion. This being the case, why do we hold winners in such high esteem?

Why do so many cheer when winners win, when winning is all winners are capable of? How hard is it not to be an alcoholic if you are not an alcoholic? How hard is it to exercise regularly if exercising makes you feel good, you have the free time to do it and everyone thinks you are so magnificent for doing so? How much willpower does it take not to smoke if smoking repulses you, especially if you are a super hero who use to smoke?

In fact if anyone deserves the admiration of the world it’s losers. Imagine doing even the little we manage to do without willpower, motivation, inherent goodness, natural brilliance or even a shred of decency. We struggle every day to change our lives in spite of the fact we don’t have a chance in hell of doing so. How can we make ourselves change? Everyone agrees we losers don’t have the willpower to do so. After all, that’s what made us losers in the first place. Where are we suddenly supposed to get this magical elixir willpower from?

There is a Latin phrase, causa sui, meaning nothing can be the cause of itself. That is, you can’t expect someone without willpower to somehow manufacture willpower out of thin air. They would have to have the willpower in the first place to do so. If a person has no motivation they can’t be expected to suddenly create some out of the none they have. Either you’ve got it or you don’t or some outside force must give it to you.

It all comes down to one simple sentence, IF YOU COULD HAVE YOU WOULD HAVE! If you could have chosen to make your life amazingly wonderful, unbelievably successful, or for that matter even tolerable you certainly would have done so long ago? Who the hell wouldn’t?

Unfortunately not only did the circumstances of your life not allow you to be one of the lucky winners, you have been brain washed into believing you are a loser by choice. Winners point at you in disgust because they actually believe you could have been much more successful, but you chose not to do so. How ridiculous to believe you would not gladly have chosen to be a winner if it was within your power to do so? What is even more amazing is you have also come to believe this totally bizarre idea.

How much sense does that make? They say you are a lazy, good for nothing loser because you do not have what it takes to be a winner and then in the next breath they condemn you for being a loser. What winners don’t seem to understand is if losers are losers because they are losers then winners are winners because they are winners. Neither group deserves either blame or credit for being the only persons they can be. Winners are no more responsible for their fortunate state of being than are losers for their unfortunate place in life.

Therefore let me say it again, us losers have nothing to be ashamed of even though we may consider what we have done shameful. We do not need pity, even our own, but neither do we deserve the degradation we have been forced to heap upon ourselves or the shame and blame dumped on us by hypocritical winners.

Keep your head held high and no matter what you have done or where you are on life’s ladder, you know you would gladly choose to be a winner if such a choice were possible. Repeat to yourself a hundred times a day if necessary, IF I COULD HAVE I WOULD HAVE. Don’t just mouth the words, mean them. Preserve your dignity. Don’t accept the indignities heaped upon you by the inhumane and most importantly do not under any circumstance treat yourself inhumanely.



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