Who cares any more?

by david on April 5, 2011

Who cares any more?

It’s so damn depressing being a loser. The Republicans and their tea-ddlyiwinks fascists don’t even have to pry our brains open to pour in their ridiculous notions of national prosperity. They are daily gathering the momentum necessary to bring us back to the good old days of economic disaster by stripping the workers of America of their rights and shoveling haystacks of our heard earned money into the coffers of the rich. If the weak kneed Democrats can no longer defend our survival I say we ditch them and look to a third party, dare I say the words, a populist party of the used and abused who simply have had enough of the rhetoric of the winners. They are only a tiny minority bolstered by the gullible and sanctimonious moral who are being pushed toward the same cliff as the rest of us. Unfortunately they are so obsessed with getting to heaven and condemning the rest of us to hell they don’t realize they are creating their own hell right here in the good old U. S. of A. What are we going to do about this impending catastrophe? Nothing. That’s what losers do. Nothing. david

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dave.sullivan May 6, 2011 at 8:07 pm

I, too, had despaired of the common American man catching to the level of manipulation through which he slogs every day while trying to keep himself and his family from destitution … so it was with both awe and glee that my conversation with an Annapolis cab driver revealed how astute our fellow citizens are.

This fellow was not at all fooled, for example, by the TV drug commercials that dazzle you with seniors cavorting in the surf while the sound track whispers the fatal and near fatal side-effects.

They DO KNOW what’s going on … but they do not believe they can do anything to change it. They do not waste energy pushing against the enormous pile of wealth and power that controls the visible universe.

They just protect their own and expect everyone else to do the same.

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