a quick thought

by david on July 27, 2014

Wow, I love how this inability to think works. It reflects back to the Taoist tradition the best mind is an empty mind, leaving plenty of opportunity for new ideas to pop in with no ideologies to ward them off.
This happened to me as I sat in Saver’s parking lot waiting for my wife to explore a vast universe of irresistible bargains. I have long accepted the idea I am the hapless captive of the butterfly effect, but suddenly I became aware of how equally significant is the rain drop in the pond effect. A single drop of water creating a never-ending series of waves that change everything in their paths.
We make such waves with our every behavior, our every utterance. Our reactions spread throughout our world and become the reverse process of the butterfly effect. The fascinating result is the unpredictably, chaotic complexity created when those two forces interact. No wonder behavior is impossible to predict or control.
If it were I alone sending out these ripples there might exist some semblance of order and causality and perhaps even free will. With billions upon billions of such simultaneous collisions constantly occurring one would have to have an enormous ego to imagine we have the slightest influence on our own behavior.
Just a thought and not even mine at that.

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