About the prisoner of this blog

I have been staring at a blank screen for a month now trying to figure out what I could say about myself that would be of any interest to you the reader. I already have a pretty boring bio  at www.ifyoucouldhave.com if you are so inclined. There did not seem much sense in chewing over the same old cud.  Here then is the closest description I could find of my life. I guess it’s a loser’s fate when you have to use a description of someone else’s life to describe your own. I sincerely hope Mr. Borges dose not mind.


I have committed the worst sin of all

That a man can commit. I have not been

Happy. Let the Glaciers of oblivion

Drag me and mercilessly let me fall.

My parents bred and bore me for a higher

Faith in the human game of nights and days.

For earth, for air, for water, for fire.

I let them down. I wasn’t happy. My ways

have not fulfilled their youthful hope. I gave

My mind to the symmetric stubbornness

Of art, and all its webs of pettiness.

They willed me bravery. I wasn’t brave.

It never leaves my side, since I began:

This shadow of having been a brooding man.

Jorge Luis Borges

My only consolation lies in the knowledge that if I could have lived my life differently I no doubt would have. david .