by david on January 26, 2011


They say the way to a good marriage is through compromise; always do what your wife wants. It seems the Democrats and Republicans have come to this same understanding. The Democrats have decided to do what ever the Republicans want and call it a compromise.

What this façade does is pulls back the curtain on the simple fact we are and have been at least since the Clinton presidency a one party political system. Sure they let us losers retain the empty appellations of Democrat or liberal. They even invented a label less offensive to the winners, Progressive.

A one party system probably fits well with our current economic oligarchy anyway. While the winners verbally champion the growth of the middle class by letting us keep more of our money, all 32 cents of it, they have managed in reality to eliminate all but a sliver of middle class existence.

The middle class has become the working poor. The working poor are those who toil daily to simply keep from strangling on our own debt. We exist from paycheck to paycheck, ever a single step away from joining the devastated poor.

We have been brainwashed into believing we are total losers if we do not spend every penny we make to have everything we want, when we want it, whether we need it or not. Most times we want stuff because the winners need us to want it. We must consume our way into interest, paying debt so the winners can maintain their status as the one per-centers. Our overconsumption value system has put us over our heads in debt as individuals and as a nation.

As the old song goes we, “owe our soul to the company store.” We’re in the rat race for the rest of our lives. There is no way short of winning the lottery to catch up. Complaining does no good. You will simply be admonished for not running faster on your treadmill to nowhere. You know you can’t stop running, even if all you’re doing is keeping in place. If you stop you will quickly be swamped by societal degradation.

It’s so ironic. The very people who are running along side of you, almost out of breath on their own treadmills, will condemn you for stepping off yours. There is a good life awaiting those who are able to live a life of sensible moderation. It’s not easy to bear the disapproving stares of the winners or even more painfully those looks of “shame on you” on the faces of family, friends and loved ones.

We have been conditioned to believe we have chosen this lifestyle; the new cars, the fancy clothes and the expensive gym memberships. We did not choose, we were chosen. Is there hope? Who knows? There may not be. It may be too late.

If somehow enough of us manage to get off our pre-programmed treadmills our entire economic structure, and that of the rest of the world might collapse. The question is do our personal and national, runaway treadmills have slow down gears or is a final crash into the reality of our own and nature’s limitations the only way to end the madness?

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dave.sullivan March 8, 2011 at 6:08 pm

What a simple concept! Change our idea of what makes us happy from things we can’t get to things we can!

As a grandfather-in-training I can attest to the enormous joy in joining my 2 1/2 year old grandson in his learning adventures … something I just didn’t have the time for with my own kids.

Isn’t it interesting, though, that the economic masters lament our reductions in consumption while celebrating their reductions in payroll; somehow never quite connected with one another.

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