Dupe of Earl

by david on August 31, 2010

Dupe of Earl

As the next set of elections draws near we losers have once again have become the unsuspecting dupes of the inevitable winners, the “winners.” The two giant possible winners, the Democrat and Republican elites, have managed to divide us losers into two warring factions to fight over the scraps. One of the elites will of course win and the other lose, but they know in a short time their fortunes will be reversed. Neither group really cares who wins as long as we remain their faithful, lapdog losers.

The Democrat elite proclaims they are champions of the little guy. What they really champion are those institutions that provide their political power or more accurately their political money. The Democrats support the social welfare service providers who, quite by accident, minimally support us losers. The massive institutions such as Education, Welfare and Health Care supported by their organizational structures provide the Democratic power base.

The Democratic elite proudly bases their moral superiority on fighting poverty and creating an equal and just society. What this means in practical terms is creating a large enough population of losers in need of the social services, which keep their power base fully, employed. The Democrats never actually stand up for equality; which would mean a more equitable distribution of our national wealth. Instead they offer just enough crumbs to mollify us losers who figure something is better than nothing.

The Democrats, however, are in trouble this time around. Their half of the loser population as been shamed into silent submission. They have been convinced by the Republican, shouting machine they are the cause of our present economic distress. Amazingly they have bought into this absurd idea hook line and sinker; which in turn has brought about their embarrassed silence.

How did the Republicans manage to take the economic disaster they created and turn it to their advantage? A stroke of pure genius. These cut throat capitalists, and I mean that in the nicest way, found a way to make god, morality and money the new holy trinity. Long time ultra conservatives who have no use for government, other than to protect their property rights, have tapped into a long smoldering, moral conservatism and voila, their losers are blindly on the move, unknowingly campaigning for their own economic demise.

Republican royalists are fully aware they cannot claim they are, “one of the people,” as the Democrat elite do without a blush of shame. Instead the new Republicans have convinced their losers each and every one of them are only a vote away not only from moral redemption, but newfound prosperity. There will be prosperity, but not for us losers. We have such short memories. We have forgotten such promises are always made and never kept, at least not intentionally . No matter, the Democratic losers have their tails between their legs and the Republican losers are ready to carry the cross all he way to the voting booth and then hopefully off to the bank.

So once again us losers may have to hang on by the skin of our teeth for a generation or so while Republicans make their latest raid on the public coffers. Eventually their greed will expose their latest scam and once again us outraged losers will dig deep into our almost empty pockets and bail them out to save what little is left of our own welfare. How does that song go? “When will we ever learn…” Oh well. Who really cares? Dancing with the Stars, our very own Circus Maximus, is on for another season. What more can we losers ask for?

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