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by david on January 27, 2014

Much to my amazement I am back. To what purpose I am not yet sure.

I vaguely remember being pleased when Obama was elected; not so much for what he would do as much as for the spiteful enjoyment of saying my side won. In the end his tenure has pretty much born out the reality that circumstances and not intent will inevitably win out. In spite of this realization I guess I will always harbor the futile hope a super hero will burst on the scene and miraculously create a more humane world.

Sadly we always get what we probably should expect, well-intentioned, impotent humans who are what they have become. Leaders who react to their world in the only way they can and we cheer and jeer them as if they were the creators of what will be when in fact they are no more than the result of what is.

Imagine if Obama was that super hero who could actually make economic equity a reality. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately the state of our economy and that of the world is randomly buffeted about by circumstances beyond anyone’s control. An uprising here, a devaluation there and throw in the occasional drought or tsunami and voila grandiose plans must be abandoned and off we go in a new direction.

This randomness has been and is the world’s only hope for true economic equity. The fortunes of nations rise and fall with little regard for personal wealth or well-being. A brief retrospect of the rise and fall of nations since the dawn of civilization shows a constant reversal of fortunes as the mighty fall and the powerless climb to power. The inexorable march of social evolution based on nothing more than pure circumstance always prevails.

I guess I’ll continue to cheer Obama’s noble efforts at economic equity and hiss at the Tea Party’s clamoring’s for the majesty of the individual while watching and waiting for inevitability to reveal the next black swan.

I just realized I probably wrote this blog entry just so I could use the clever line about the Black Swan. david



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dave.sullivan February 1, 2014 at 3:53 pm

Welcome back. I’m happy to see you have not lost your perspective on the inability of individual power to cause action.

I would suggest, however, that the combination of individuals doing something will have resulted in its having been done – while not perhaps causing it.

Did that make any sense?


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