The Book

It’s Not Your Fault, the end of guilt

I could have, I should have, if only …

How many times have these and other self-defeating words passed your lips? Centuries of superstitious beliefs, not withstanding, It’s Not Your Fault points out what should be obvious, the Emperor, Free Will, has no clothes.
Its Not Your Fault demonstrates how your life would dramatically improve if you would come to understand
the cruelty bestowed on you by the Emperor’s daughters Choice and Responsibility.

Its Not Your Fault, through everyday life experiences illustrates why the long held illusion you are a free willed human being responsible for your behavior has no basis in science or logic.

Its Not Your Fault takes the common sense premise “if you could have you would have” to its logical consequences, offering you the opportunity to understand the futility of self-blame and guilt.

Marriage, for instance, is examined as an opportunity rather than a self-defeating contest of wills and will power.  The relationship between children and parents is redefined as a fete de complete rather than a futile battle of wills.  The illusion of choice is understood in light of the immutable forces that compel all behavior.  Heroism and cowardice are
placed under the domain of circumstance rather than some magical substance that resides within.  Such mystical powers as motivation and thinking are laid to rest as being no more than artificially constructed illusions spawned by social evolution.

It’s Not Your Fault is not a self help book in the traditional sense.  It cannot give you the power to change your life, but rather the understanding to better appreciate the life you can not change. You may come to appreciate how the illusions of free will, choice and responsibility have unfairly burdened your life with the debilitating guilt of moral responsibility.  It should also become apparent those who lay claim to being your intellectual or economic superiors are no more responsible for their exalted place in life than are you for your socio-economic existence.

There is also the possibility, although admittedly remote, Its Not Your Fault might nudge you along the path toward the more humane treatment of yourself and others.  It may seem counterintuitive, but Its Not Your Fault makes manifest the proposition that our long held hope for treating our fellow earth dwellers humanely may depend on coming to grips with the understanding we are, after all, not human.


The End of Guilt

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