We almost made it

by david on December 11, 2010


As the song goes “We almost made it…” As Thomas Malthus noted over a century ago populations are kept equal to the means of subsistence, by misery and vice. The president didn’t stand his ground on the Bush tax cuts. He didn’t have it in him to be true to himself or us. Who can blame him? After all, there is another election on the horizon and being The President is more important than being our President.

The Democrats don’t have the balls to do what they were elected to do, create a more equitable tax base. Not extending the tax cuts for everyone would not have been great for us losers, but we’re use to getting the short end of the stick. I for one would not complain about losing out again if the winners at least received a small dollop of discomfort, even if it was mostly symbolic.

Yet, there may be hope. The voices of us angry losers are getting a little louder. It would appear the voices of the true Democrats in congress will not go quietly into the night. We can’t expect the winners will suddenly have a newfound concern for the fate of us losers, but deep in the pit of their combined stomachs they must know the day of reckoning is coming. Our numbers are rising as our place in the economy steadily falls.

The winners will not for much longer be able to hide behind their old slogans such as a rising tied lifts all boats. Such tides as we have all too often seen also drown an awful lot of people!

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dave.sullivan December 14, 2010 at 1:27 pm

The problem is that there are not enough “true Democrats” in congress. Rather than actually sell the liberal case to voters, these ambitious politicians just move to the right in order to win. No wonder us losers are losing – Republicans and “Democrats” keep moving away from us and toward the winners.

david January 26, 2011 at 5:49 pm

As you will see in my latest posting Dave, I couldn’t agree with you more. david

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